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Jenny's Reflections on StuVac

1. What were your favourite/ top 5 StuVac destinations?

· Antarctica

· Galapagos Islands

· Kapama Safari Lodge South Africa

· Trekking gorillas in Rwanda

· Lady Elliot Is. Australia

2. What was the most unusual location for a lecture?

On the edge of a ravine at the back of a hotel somewhere in Tanzania. The lecture room I had booked 6 months earlier was double booked to a group of doctors. And the doctors had already occupied it. Hotel reception was suddenly unoccupied so attempts to get another venue weren’t going to happen. We retired to the great outdoors. Paul stood with his back to the ravine and we all sat on the hill looking down on him.

3. What will you miss the most about StuVac?

The clients

4. What won’t you miss?

The panic when a lecture room wasn’t available/ didn’t actually exist or when rooms were double booked by the hotel resulting in Morris and me sleeping in store rooms/broom cupboards.

Trying to stay calm while customs officials in an airport in Peru harassed an American client because she had filled in her immigration form as Judith and I had her on my client list as Judy.

5. What is your funniest moment(s) on a StuVac Seminar?

Struggling to get into a zodiac from a standing start in knee deep freezing Antarctic water. I had to get my backside onto the zodiac’s side, which was floating at my waist level. In the end I turned around and dived in. The look on the zodiac driver’s face was priceless.

6. Apart from your passport, what is one item you never travel without?


7. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten whilst travelling?

A fried tarantula … well I ate the batter … and when I think about it probably the legs

8. What is your favourite mode of travel- plane, train, bus, boat etc?


9. Window or aisle seat?

Window. So I can see to help the pilot when landing.

10. Are you a folder or roller when you pack your suitcase?

Given I’m always running late I’m a “chucker inner”

11. What is still on your bucket list?

The 90% of Australia I have not seen.

If we ever get out of COVID restrictions;

· Russia,

· more of Canada (particularly a cruise in the Canadian Arctic)

· A repeat of an exhilarating flat out speed boat trip when the tour leader for our first Antarctic trip wanted to see a 22km long iceberg a half hour away from the ship and took along anyone who could get geared up and to the boat launching area in 2 minutes.

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1 Comment

Jenny Pynt
Oct 30, 2020

Dear Steve and Anthea, Thank you for your lovely words. It has been a privilege to have you as delegates, friends and now the owners of StuVac. We take delight in the knowledge that under your stewardship StuVac will go on to greater adventures and learning than we have already shared with so many colleagues and friends. We wish you all the best as you continue the dream of Study and Vacation.

Jenny and Morris

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