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It's great to be back!

It was wonderful to be travelling internationally again and Eratap Beach Resort definitely didn’t disappoint as the venue for our seminar “Creating a Thriving Workplace”. This was a fantastic seminar with keynote speaker Karen Stahl presenting on many aspects of leadership and management, including recruitment, retention and reward- all very pertinent topics as we negotiate the post-COVID challenges of workforce shortages and the difficulties in maintaining employee engagement.

Eratap Beach Resort was a wonderful venue to embody the need for work-life balance. We were able to simultaneously recharge our batteries and at the same time have stimulating and in-depth discussions amongst the group. We were blessed to have such enthusiastic attendees with diverse backgrounds in allied health, from single clinic managers to public hospital physiotherapy managers which ensured very well-rounded seminar sessions with lots of great ideas shared.

We had an interesting time exploring the different personality types and how each profile needs to at times see things from another’s perspective to bring out the best in the workplace. It was no surprise to discover that most of us were empathetic and “feeling” type people, but perhaps a surprise that we had so many introverts.

In between sessions, the attendees enjoyed many of the activities available at Eratap- snorkelling the house reef, spotting dugongs, SUPing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, bike riding, hiking, visiting the local village and occasionally just relaxing by the pool. This group of health professionals certainly ‘walked the walk’ in terms of keeping active!

Overall, this seminar well and truly delivered a memorable experience and was a great way to start our international travel adventures again. And would you believe there were no flight cancellations or luggage lost!

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